Burobinskij bread is a family story

My Mom’s whole life was devoted to baking industry, first in the Soviet Union, then in Russia. She spent decades working for Bakery Plant №6, one of the oldest Moscow factories. I recollect visiting this plant in Moscow centre as a boy, I recall its special ovens installed as early as in the 1930-ies for producing a newly invented Borodinskij rye bread… And the exceptional taste of hot, freshly baked bread is something I remember even more vividly.

Even years later, having moved to Czech Republic, I still remembered what natural, fresh rye bread should taste like. Nothing similar could be found in Russian food stores in Europe. Insipid unsavory product with huge shelf life named “Borodinskij” had no resemblance to real bread.

In 2014 I decided to tackle the problem and to bake my own perfect bread.

I consulted my mum who gave me Soviet-time bread recipes and a fair warning: Borodinskij bread is the most challenging to make. Apart from the complicated production process, I had to consider that components for the original recipe were very hard to find; even in Russia sugar cane treacle had been long ago substituted with syrups or honey.

The search for correct bread recipes and a right technology took us two years. Together with my wife I studied traditional baking methods and new trends in healthy eating, tried different kinds of flour and searched for the best components all over Europe, mastered hand-made bread baking and experimented with flavours. We learned a lot, we recollected delicious bread of our childhood, we treated our friends and family members.

All our expertise, experience and passion for baking helped us to create truly delicious, natural bread without artificial additives or yeast. Since 2016 we have been selling our bread in Czech Republic. Apart from classical Russian rye bread Borodinskij our own invention, Savoury bread, is always in high demand. Today we are pleased to offer you 7 kinds of natural, hand-made bread – look for Burobinskij bread in retail stores and order it online!

Vladislav Burobin