Borodinskij Bread

This malt rye bread is hand-made on the basis of sourdough with no yeast and no artificial additives. It contains only natural components: wholegrain rye and wheat flour in 70/30 proportion, fermented rye malt, salt, sugar, bio treacle, coriander, cumin, and water.

Our Borodinskij Bread is less sour than usual, so that it can also be enjoyed by people with gastrointestinal issues. It is rich in fibre, contains no animal fats and is lenten fare.

Stored in room temperature our bread remains fresh and delicious for 7 days; stored in a fridge at 5°C it keeps for 30 days; frozen to -18°C it keeps for 6 months

We are proud to announce that Burobinskij Bread has received a special quality certificate granted to the best foods in Czech Republic by the local Ministry of Agriculture.